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What our parents say


“My two children thoroughly enjoy their days here. Staff are friendly, they communicate any issues professionally and they genuinely care for my children’s well being. I feel confident leaving my children in the capable hands of the Nambucca  Preschool”. (Jamie D.)


“My daughter Molly started at Nambucca Preschool in the blue room when she was almost 3 years old and is now in the green room and almost 5yrs old. I consider my family very lucky to have a place at this preschool. Ever since we started it has felt very familiar and natural whenever I drop her off. The staff in the blue room were so supportive during the inevitable separation anxiety kids generally feel at the beginning of any new care arrangement and Molly quickly settled in and made firm friends and felt completely at ease with the staff. I found myself quickly forming firm relationships with all the staff too and realise from talking with other parents that this is not the norm. The sense of 'family' that a low staff turnover provides is highly beneficial to the children and parents. The children feel completely comfortable with all the staff and have grown up around them and known them for most of the time they have been at the centre. The fact that my daughter hates missing a day at preschool is more than can be said for any of her prior care arrangements. The extra-curricular activities such as family fun days, preschool discos and effort they all go to during special days like Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, Easter and Christmas always have thoughtful outcomes. It is a great family environment that I highly recommend to anyone in the region.” (Alice A.)


"Both of my children have attended Nambucca Heads Preschool. My daughter started when she was just 2 years old! We were ultra-picky about where we wanted to send our children and found that Nambucca Preschool has been a perfect preschool for us. The staff are so caring, supportive and inclusive of all children. This was especially important to us with a highly allergic/anaphylactic/often very sick with all the allergies child. It quickly grew to our children's home away from home and I whole heartedly trust every staff member with the care and development of our children at Preschool. We have since moved away, with over 45 minutes’ travel time to get to preschool. Other (preschools) would have such huge shoes to fill, and we feel like they would not nearly compare, so we continued to leave our daughter at Nambucca Heads Preschool even with other closer options. I very highly recommend this Preschool to anyone looking for quality care, nurturing, support and preschool learning for their children."  (Elysia V.)

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