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​"We teach our children all about life, and our children teach us what life is all about". 

our program

Our quality, inclusive education program prepares your child well for school. 

At Nambucca  Preschool, children’s needs come first. So we base our daily program   on intentional teaching and your child’s interests. And it works exceptionally well.      Our children thrive and simply love coming to Preschool, every day.

We’re an inclusive preschool, openly welcoming children with disabilities and          special needs, and incorporating differing cultural experiences and values into our teaching strategies.


Our program is centred on the National Quality Framework, including:

  • The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which identifies learning outcomes and focuses

  • a child’s sense of belonging, being and becoming

  • Education and Care Services National Regulations under which we operate

  • National Quality Standards, the seven areas we’re assessed on to offer the highest quality service to our parents and their children.

Our educational program enables children to develop, confidence, self-help skills, a positive self-esteem and a real sense of belonging.

So, you can have peace of mind that when your child ‘graduates’ from Nambucca Preschool, they’re absolutely ready for school.


For 3 year olds, this room take up to 16 children, 3-4 years of age.

2 year old class: On Fridays, our two year old class operates within our Blue room, for children 2 to 3 years old.

For 4-5 year olds, our Green room has places for 20 children who are getting ready for primary school.

Our stimulating learning environment

Our Blue and Green rooms, combined with our large, natural outdoor environment provide your child with the perfect balance for educational play. They give your child the time and space to explore, experiment, create and discover.


While we find that our children thrive on knowing the daily routine, we also encourage spontaneity and flexibility.


Every week, a colourful display area showcases child inspired projects, driven by children’s interests. This can be anything from bugs, sea creatures and dinosaurs, to dogs, aeroplanes and outer space. We work with the children using the internet and ipads, books, magazines and posters, extending their knowledge, feeding their curiosity and exciting their learning.

Indoor Areas

Home Corner



Book Corner

Art & Craft









Free Play


                       Swings &

Climbing Equipment




Water Play

Rock Garden

for imaginary play 

Bike Track

Outdoor Gym


Cubby House

Verandah for undercover

outdoor play

Outdoor Areas

Close community involvement

We encourage our children to develop an understanding of the world beyond their home and preschool, and see the beauty and value of their community. Involving your child in the Nambucca Valley community is an important aspect of our program, including visits to:

  • The Nambucca Heads Library for special events and to read and borrow books

  • Riverside Gardens, every month, to have morning tea, sing and draw with the residents

  • Samaritan Purse – international donation of toys for children from natural disaster affected areas.


We also arrange an Emergency Services Week each year, where members of our police, ambulance and fire brigades visit, teaching our children about their work, how to stay safe and how to be good members of the local community.

Welcoming parent involvement

We value our relationships with parents, and appreciate the knowledge they share with us about their children, using this to enhance our programs. As a parent we welcome your involvement and input in your child’s education by:

  • Visiting the centre and joining in

  • Reading our noticeboards and newsletters

  • Collecting materials and bringing them in for children to use in craft activities

  • Sharing hobbies, interests or expertise with staff and children

  • Helping us to maintain our preschool by volunteering at working bees

  • Donating pre-used clothing for our spare clothes supply

  • Talking to us regularly about your child’s needs and progress

  • Joining the management committee or its supporting team.

Sharing your child's daily experiences

An important part of our program involves sharing your child’s daily adventures with you. Each day, you’ll find a daily program sheet and a colourful slide show, documenting the activities we’ve shared with your child.

Call us today on (02) 6568 6845 or download our handbook to find out more about our program.

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